Wedding Videography

Super8 videography. I love you.

If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago about wedding videography I’d have said it was unnecessary and the kind of thing that you watched once and then put to the back of the loft. And then I discovered SUPER 8. OHMYGAD.  

I know it’s all about personal style but Super 8 reeeeeally pushes my buttons. I feel like I’m having my grandparents’ wedding all over again. Fact: my grandparents all rock(ed).

For ‘research’ I watched wedding videos of people I don’t even know and then started crying because their videos are just so beautiful. I know that sounds weird but I’m a sensitive soul. Bear with me…

The right kind of emotion: Seeing moving images of a couple shot in super 8 vintage-feel video, with moving music in the background, and with no words, is just SO emotional. I challenge you to a super-8 wedding video-off and not cry. GO.

Mr DTE wasn’t too bothered about videography, and my family didn’t get it too much, but my best friend also had a Super 8 film shot for her wedding and it made me realise what an amazing momento it is.

I researched a lot. I mean A LOT! They are pretty expensive, so it depends how badly you want it. I originally enquired with Ciné Reportage but they were just a little out of our budget:


>> Ciné Reportage: Amazing and super friendly, run by Will and Caroline. Just a little out of our budget for Mr DTE and I.


Final choice: So after MUCH research and thought, we went with Agne’s Wedding Films as she looked amazing but also more affordable for us. She is just so super cool, is happy to travel up to London from Bath, and has a really creative eye to offer a unique Super 8 wedding film.

Moola: The montages range from about 2 minutes to about 20 minutes, depending on your budget.

Agne is such a beautiful person inside and out, and worked perfectly with our photographer Hector to add some calm to our wedding day and encourage confidence in her artistic abilities. I really can’t wait to see Agne’s masterpiece and share with you all.

We’re also having fun choosing the perfect background song for our video. Kelis, anyone?

As with We Heart Pictures on my Photography page, the proof is in the pudding! So I’ll let you know how it all goes post-wedding.

>> Agne doesn’t just shoot Super 8 wedding films, so check our her whole kick-ass portfolio here:

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