Wedding Stationery

I am a stationery geek. I can spend hours in Paperchase. So I therefore love wedding stationery. However, I don’t love the prices of wedding stationery. It can be insane.

It’s easy to really go to town for these kinds of things. I used to work in events and Mr DTE works in design, so we were pretty keen for some hot-looking stationery, but without the huge bill. We were lucky that I had some good suppliers up my sleeve and he had some good design skillz up his. Party on. 

TOP TIP: Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has some design skills. If so, it’s definitely worth getting in touch and seeing how they feel about doing you a favour. If they’re coming to your wedding then ding ding ding jackpot and you can see if they’d do it as a favour instead of getting you a wedding present maybe? Or in exchange for a yummy home-cooked meal with all the trimmings? If you’re comfortable to do this, it could not only save you lots of moola but will also add a really personal touch to your day. 

TOP TIP: My other top tip is to go to People Per Hour where you can pay a top graphic designer to do you a freelance job. Might work out cheaper than going to a top design house.

Tempting right…??

Our invitations: All my closest family members and friends either designed their invitations themselves, or went through a friend with some awesome skills. What a skilled bunch I’m surrounded by.  You can also get some pretty swell templates these days which make everything tres bon and easy.

Here are my main template recommendations:

  1. £ A Handcrafted Wedding:  It’s actually an American site but it’s pretty splendid. It was set up by a fellow down-to-earth bride who seems pretty grounded, and also did her own wedding on a budget. She has a mixture of free and paid-for downloads and template, which you can then modify and personalise on a design package.
  2. ££ Paperless Post:  Oh-so classy and easy to use. You also have the option of digital and/or printed. You just purchase your coins and off you go. I’ve used this for a party before rather than for our wedding, and it was great and really easy. Only thing I would say is that quite a few people use this now, so make sure you get an original template that others haven’t used.
  3. £££ GOING ALL OUT: Downey’s:  Maybe you have tons of money. Maybe you have money coming our of your ears. Or maaaaaybe, of all the bills to pay for your wedding, you would rather go all out for the invitations and have the hottest of the hottest invites to send out. In which case, my top recommendation would be Downey. Not only are they amazingly creative but also super efficient and reputable. Make sure you have the money to pay up front though as you have to pay all before they deliver.
  4. >> Get with the digital age: Appy Couple: Or why not be super cool , and kinder to the environment, and go with Appy Couple. The clue is in the title: invites are sent via email, then your invitees are directed to an app.  This is great for all couples, but especially those getting married quickly. Did someone say ‘shotgun wedding’…?


Here are a couple of printers in London/Essex that I would recommend to help: 

  1. Mayfield Press: Based in Oxford but do jobs for London-based peoples all the time. Mayfield are super quick and efficient, sending samples in advance of you pressing <PRINT>. Mayfield were also the most reasonable quote I could find which still offered great quality.  Hurrah for Mayfield Press.
  2. Metloc Printers: Based in Essex, but again servicing London and the surrounding area, Metloc are also super efficient, and can send samples before committing to your final print. 

Coming soon: What do put in your invitations?????

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