Wedding Photography

We all know that photographers are vital to any wedding because:

a) We want tasteful pics which make us look wonderfully beautiful and in love
b) An annoying photographer can be a pain in the arse for the happy couple and ALL the guests 

My worst wedding photographer story was at a huge church wedding when the photographer clearly thought the day was all…about…him. No joke, when the happy couple were walking down the aisle having just got married, he screamed down:

Go back! GO BACK! I need that again! Walk down the aisle again!

WOW. This made Mr DTE and I determined to have an eegit-photographer-free-zone and a totally down-to-earth photographer dude.

We were keen to have some really natural shots. We found a lot of the posed wedding snaps out there a bit cringey so just wanted some shots which capture the day from afar.


  1. We Heart Pictures

So our photographer was Hector from We Heart Pictures, who runs the business with lovely wife Charlie.

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After looking at a few photographers online, we just stumbled across them when we were doing some venue searching and saw a link to a blog showing some pretty hot wedding snaps they’d taken. We kept this up our sleeves, then once we had our date and venue chosen, we got in touch and asked for a quote etc and also requested to meet for a coffee.

TOP TIP: Whilst your wedding photographer is supplying a ‘service’ like many other people you’ll be working with for your wedding, we just felt that it was really important to get on with our photographer and ensure we are on a similar wavelength. I would really recommend doing the same and asking to meet for a coffee as it’s really reassuring to get to know them, hear about their style, see some more examples of their work and hear about their ideas for your day.

Style: Hector and Charlie are both super nice and kinda quirky which is what we wanted. We Heart Pictures pride themselves on being alternative, but not in an uber-trendy Shoreditch way. Their originality is more in the style of photos.

On the day of our wedding: Hector was a total dude. I actually barely noticed him, which was kind of perfect because he captured the most natural shots of us, and our friends and family. His snaps just show the whole story, and somehow manage to convey the emotions and spirit of our wedding day. He’s also an incredibly calming influence, and worked well with our videographer even though they’d never met.

TOP TIP: I would also HIGHLY recommend an engagement shoot as it really eases you into the whole being photographed for a whole day non-stop thing. For more on our uber wonderful photo shoot with Hector, have a look on this blog here.

I can’t recommend Hector enough. We’re so thrilled we went with him, and feel pretty smug that we have such amazing pics of our wedding day. WIN.

>> Ch-ch-check out We Heart Pictures here:

Hector and Charlie: ‘We could say we are the antithesis to traditional wedding photography’


2. Melia Melia Photography

Melia Melia shot the photos for my best friend’s wedding….what a team! Lovely down-to-earth couple James and Jo run the business and they come as a pair. Not only do they both take the most beautiful shots but Jo can also make the bridal crew look stunning with her make-up skillz.

If a pair could epitomise down-to-earth then it’s James and Jo. Super relaxed, great sense of humour and humble about their creativity. Based in Yorkshire, James and Jo can also travel around the UK and often abroad, to capture your big day.

The photos Melia Melia Photography take are just stunning, and really original. For my friend’s wedding they just captured the pure joy and happiness down to a tee.

TOP TIP: It’s always great to get a recommendation for suppliers such as photographers for your big day, as you can hear first-hand how they work and see how the photos have turned out from people who you trust dearly.

>> To see Melia Melia Photography’s artistic skillz, have a look at their website: