Newly engaged

You’re engaged! Say whaaa? Amazing! Bubbles! Screams! Engagement Ring! Phone calls! Breeeeeathe. 

The first few weeks of being engaged are amazing, right? RIGHT.

For me the scary bit came when people kept asking WHEN, WHERE, WHAT IS MY THEME?  THEME?? I knew I wanted to get married but I didn’t know all these crazy details. It took us ages to figure out where we wanted to get married, how many people we wanted etc. I felt pressured by some suppliers and it really got to me.

My main piece of advice when you first get engaged is to just enjoy it! Anyone who makes you feel pressured can be gone.

…Cards and bubbles and cards and bubbles and…
You have all the time you want (unless it’s a shotgun wedding, in which case – erm be decisive). Even in the centre of London we found a venue and booked it to get married within a year. We had to say goodbye to three venues which were booked out, but there are others. Keep it real yo.
I found it all quite overwhelming when we started out. I had ZERO clue where to start, so I thought I would pass on my top tips and hopefully save you some time.   
If you’re feeling like you need some direction, have a look here – 

Or if you’re not ready for the planning yet, read through my blogs and have a chuckle (hopefully)