Married at First Sight: Sorry, what?

Married at First Sight is now in its second series on Channel 4. It’s totally bonkers, questions wedding traditions, makes me both agree and disagree with it as a concept…and I’m totally hooked.

In short, the show does exactly what the title implies. Brave/bonkers nearlyweds meet for the first time at the altar, having left their fate up to science and a panel of ‘experts’ who have matched them up with ‘the perfect stranger ‘ in an attempt to find everlasting happiness. It’s like the modern day fairytale…or is it?

If you haven’t watched it yet I’d recommend finding a rainy Sunday afternoon, cosying up with a duvet and catching up on the episodes you’ve missed so far. Before we start, I should clarify that I’m not on commission from Channel 4 for writing this blog entry. The show just really does genuinely interest me. Whether you’re already married, busy planning your wedding, or simply a human being on this planet with feelings, it’s just interesting to watch the programme, and find yourself imagining being one of the couples, wondering how you’d cope and how you would feel marrying a perfect stranger.

The exact moment when Mr DTE and I first clocked each other. Some 6 years after first eyeing each other up. Moments before I nearly vommed with nerves/ excitement/ low sugar levels. Photo credit: The wonderful We Heart Pictures

I’m not only hooked to this series but I was hooked to the last one, and also the American series. Oops. Clearly I’m a person intrigued by weddings (hence the blog, duh), but this just takes weddings to another level. Mr DTE and I find ourselves constantly switching between comments like ‘good for them’, ‘I’d probably do that too’, and ‘this is bonkers’, ‘doesn’t it just undermine the importance of marriage?’

Here is a breakdown of some of my thoughts:

  • Maybe I’d have done the same, if I hadn’t have met Mr DTE
  • Would my family and friends have been supportive?
  • What if they couple you with a total moron?
  • They’re so brave
  • They’re so bonkers
  • They’re very sweet
  • I wonder if they’d have matched me with Mr DTE
  • How can these people marry so flippantly, casually saying ‘we’ll just get a divorce if it doesn’t work out’
  • I wonder if the first night is AWKWARD AS HELL
  • How are they not crapping their pants walking down the aisle??

My views on the show are quite varied, as you can probably tell. This constant struggle of agreeing and disagreeing follows me from one moment to the next whilst I watch. I like it.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about the show, and its couples, is that there is very little pressure on the elements that most people find stressful about planning a wedding. The couples don’t seem to worry about invites, flowers, how fast the flower girl walks down the aisle, bla bla bla. There is relatively little focus on the wedding day itself, other than them meeting each other and their families and what they think of each other. It’s quite refreshing that the focus of the day is totally on them and what comes next, rather than the fussy extras usually associated with a wedding.


It also gets me thinking about arranged marriages; how different it must be when a couple meets at the altar, but not out of their own choice to do so. Unable to choose their own fate in the same way. All those feelings of being nervous may turn to fear, and dread, and loss. But then I think – who am I to say that? I know very little about arranged marriages, and perhaps it’s very archaic of me to just presume they are always unwanted. I don’t feel I have the right to push my opinion on this, given my lack of actual real-life experience on the matter. It just gets me thinking how diverse weddings, and marriages, can be.

In brief, I like this show as it challenges norms. It gets me thinking, wondering about the crazy but wonderful institution that is marriage. Whilst I really dislike the flippancy that they can just get a divorce if things don’t work out, I like how it shows marriage can be whatever you want it to be. There is (or in my view there should be) no ‘normal’. Underlying everything in the show is a true desire in each couple to fall in love and find their life lobster. I mean – dang. SOLD.


The next episode is on tomorrow evening, 9pm Channel 4. Let me know what you think, bridelings!

Happy Monday! Happy Halloween! Happy…..still celebrating pay day??

Jojo x



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I'm a 32 year-old newlywed bride, living in London. I recently got married (July 2016) and am here to spread wedding joy and worldly wedding advice to fellow bridelings who don't want their weddings to take over their lives. Let's laugh (nervously) in the face of bonkers wedding planning!

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