Honeymoons: why bother?

Mini-moons, mega-moons, or original honeymoons. Whatever your bag, just do it. Do it and tell me how you feel when you step on that plane/in that car/on that train with your newlywed and think a) we did it, phew, and b) I only need to talk to you and you only until we return. 

The only thing that matched the amazing feeling I felt at our wedding was setting off on our honeymoon. We got to Heathrow early, had a breakfast of champions and a large glass of Prosecco. We felt free. We felt giggly. We felt relief. We felt good. We also felt very little leg room. FYI: Honeymoon upgrade requests did NOT result in luxury business class.

When to go?

Mr DTE and I went three days after our wedding on the Tuesday.
TOP TIP: I would really recommend having at least two days between your wedding and honeymoon if you have enough days of annual leave to take. It means you can de-wedding as much as possible, have some sleep, and not even worry about packing for your trip until after the big day.

Mini moon vs honeymoon?

It really is a personal choice – and most people have a mini moon so that they can spread out the trips and excitement. I am all about that. However, I guess it comes down to money and whether you can afford two trips, and also if you can wait that long.

For Mr DTE and I, during times of wedmin woes, the thought of our honeymoon really kept us going. I really felt we needed that time for the two of us just after the wedding. We really wanted to run away like teenagers after it all. But hey – everyone’s different.

My sister had a mini moon to France for a few days, and then they went away three months later as they wanted to wait until the right season in their honeymoon location. Smart. They loved it.

Or why not go for a mega moon? Some people have opted for a tiny low-key wedding and spent that hard-earned cash on the trip of a lifetime. WOW – massive respect if you’re planning that. That’s the dream.

The extent of my daily woes was how to tame that ball of mess on my head. Hawaii is humid.

Best bits about the honeymoon:

  • Bye bye wedmin: The wedding is over, so no more wedmin. NO WEDMIN!
  • It’s epic: Chances are, this trip will be a little more special than others you’ve had. Obviously doesn’t have to be, but most people splash out a little. I can’t say we go to Hawaii as an everyday occurrence. We’d also never been away for more than a week due to work commitments, so this felt EPIC.
  • Wedding chats: You can be indulgent and chat about the wedding to your heart’s content as it’s just the two of you. Mr DTE is a ‘let’s live in the moment’ kinda guy though, so ours lasted the flight there.
  • The sleep! Jet-lag is always a right bugger, but apart from that I had such restful sleeps. There are no wedmares, no going to sleep with that wedding to-do list, just peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. For 2.5 weeks. Yes.
  • Freebies: We told EVERYONE we met that it was our honeymoon, for the whole 2.5 weeks. It didn’t work for a plane upgrade (she actually laughed at us, sob), but everywhere else it worked like a dream. We got so many bottles of bubbly everywhere. TOP TIP: Tell the world. Welcome those bubbles
  • Couples’ time: Sounds smushy, but after the craziness of our wedding, we really just needed some time to ourselves. Even at the wedding, I barely spoke to Mr DTE as we were pulled in so many different directions, and the weeks before the wedding we only seemed to chat wedding for an eternity. It’s soooooo nice to just get back to normal, talk about everyday stuff, look to your exciting future and just chill out without any pressure.

TOP TIP: There are tons of websites now where you can set up your wedding list for your loved ones to contribute towards your honeymoon, you know to help with the funds. Have a look at Thankful Registry (beware setting up a Business PayPal account).

TOP TIP: Keep the romance up, and how about one of you organise the honeymoon in secret from the other? Especially good if one of you is taking on the bulk of the wedmin. The other can book the honeymoon in secret and keep a big lovely surprise for after the wedding. More on this soon from a real-life couple who did this and went to dreamy Tulum, Mexico.

Our honeymoon itinerary:

Mr DTE and I wanted a mixture of adventure and chill-out. We also wanted a road trip. So we headed to California for 10 days and then topped it off with 6 nights in Hawaii. Credit cards are our friends.

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Here’s our itinerary:    

  1. San Francisco: two nights staying in the Mission District.
    TOP TIP Hotel/Hostel: 1906 Mission (the cheapest and most amazing ‘hostel’ I’ve ever stayed in).
  2. Napa Valley: Drinking ALL of the wine and falling asleep at 6pm. Amen.
  3. Big Sur Glamping: Two nights at the beautiful Treebones: uber relaxing, very green, best sushi I’ve ever had.
  4. Santa Monica, LA: Three nights. Great base to explore the crazy city that is LA. We enjoyed being out of the city and near the beach and also Venice. Loooooved Venice and Abbot Kinney.
  5. San Diego (La Jolla): Two nights in San Diego to chill out and enjoy the party culture in the Gas Lamp District. Also Comic-con was on during our stay which was pretty swell. We drank tequila with approximately 100 wonder women.
  6. Kauai, Hawaii: We spent six nights on the quieter and more chilled island. The most beautiful beaches mixed with Jurassic Park forests. Also fitted in a cheeky zip wire. Hawaii we love you.


In short I cannot recommend honeymoons enough. There’s nothing bad about a honeymoon at all, except maybe the cost and also that they have to come to an end. I’ve not had post-wedding blues but I definitely have post-honeymoon blues. Better shut up though – I have no reason to complain after the summer I’ve had. Luuuucky.

I’ll be sharing some more tips in the future and going into a little more detail about our trip, but hope you enjoyed this bite-sized chunk summary for now. Let me know if you want any recommendations, innit.

Happy planning! You’re going to have the most amazing time! Honeymoons 4 eva.

Jojo x

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I'm a 32 year-old newlywed bride, living in London. I recently got married (July 2016) and am here to spread wedding joy and worldly wedding advice to fellow bridelings who don't want their weddings to take over their lives. Let's laugh (nervously) in the face of bonkers wedding planning!

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