The Top 10 reasons why my hen do was wonderbar

So, after years of going to friends’ hen do’s, I finally went to my own. And I’m still in shock…and rather hungover.

Nothing gives you clarity on what you want for your own hen do like going to a zillion others. So what is the natural thing to do…? Why it’s obvious: book your own hen do and ensure you do what you want. KA-CHING.

Before you think I’m a total weirdo, I just wanted to be absolutely clear about 3 things:

1. I didn’t want any of my hens to pay for overnight accommodation or go abroad. We’re not all made of money, yo.
2. I only wanted it to last about 12 hours, as lots of my friends have babies. (What can I say, I am the most selfless person I know) 
3. There would be no L-plates or strippers…If you’re game enough to have all that, then good for you. Personally it is my idea of being at the gates of hell with no return and there being a 100-mile hold-up to get through.

I am not a fussy person, HOWEVER, at the age of 31 I know what I like. And I know what my friends like…It’s my hen do and I don’t have to wear a willy hat if I don’t want to. You can think what you like, but I’m not a square if I don’t want to drink through a penis straw and shout ‘WOO’ all night to enjoy my hen do. Again, no judging zone here if you’re into that – but I am NISH a fan of all that stuff for myself…

I could bang on forever about how WONDERFUL my hen do was, however as I LOVE a numbered list, here are my top 10 reasons why I loved my hen do:

  1. Everywhere you look are YOUR mates. No-one you want to avoid or make small talk with – just your BESTEST mates who all love you. So amazing.
  2. You get to drink all day/night long, basically for free (for you anyway). Drink away, ladies. Fill your boots. Your mates might not offer you another drink for about 5 years after this, but for one night only, you drink those jaeger bombs. You’ve done the same for other people so you don’t need to feel too guilty. Just don’t take the piss, make sure you say thank you and don’t order champagne all night.
  3. I danced all night long, and people had to stay until I was ready to go home. I don’t think I’m being a very down-to-earth bride here, but you can’t leave the hen dancing on her own, so keep dancing, yo.
This is one of the only photos I took at my hen do. It was a good night…

4. It’s a very efficient way of seeing all your loved ones in one go: Normally that would take about 2 weeks to stack up those invites. This way, you get to efficiently see everyone in one night. BOOM.

5. The hen do games: It’s weird but for someone who doesn’t like the L plates and willy straws etc, but I loooove a hen do game, not just at my own but at every hen do I go to. So I did request A LOT of games. And I loved them. I’d recommend them – they’re and a great way for your mates to a) get in on the action and b) laugh at you.

6. Mix your mates up: If you’re like me, and have lots of different pockets of mates who don’t necessarily all know each other, this is amazing. Now, when you speak about ‘your friends from your work’- EVERYONE knows who on earth you’re talking about. Again, efficiency is key. Maybe you can now mix your friendship groups. What could be better? (NOTHING).

7. The wedding is going to be so much easier now that everyone knows each other. I mean, you might not even need to speak to your guests as they’ll be too busy catching up with each other. Great work.

8. Go big with your wardrobe: Again, probably not conforming to the understated bride, but I really would recommend going big with your outfit. No judging zone (at least no-one will tell you anyway). I re-used an old outfit for my hen do, which I would also recommend. It is a tiny outfit and I plan for it to never fit me ever again after my wedding…

9. The hen do book: I never really understood why everyone keeps doing these books. As a hen do guest they are always the last thing I remember to do –  always submitting my little note (and photos) mega late. I’m that annoying person….but oh my god I’ll never do that again. Blimey what an amazing thing it is to get THAT BOOK! My sister had to take it off me during the night – literally had to peel my hands away from it and send it home with another hen so that I didn’t sit and cry in the corner at how much I ‘LOVE MY HENS.’ Really do have a book. Encourage that love to come your way. Ask for dramatic messages. If you ever need an ego boost, this book is your bible. (I read mine every night before bed).

Behold: The Hen Do Bible

10. It’s a great warm-up: This is essentially your wedding warm-up. Except without your hubby/wife-to-be (i.e. it’s all about you).  In one way it’s kind of scary: HOLY CRAP MY WEDDING IS IN A MONTH AND I STILL HAVEN’T WRITTEN MY SPEECH/ORGANISED MY PLACECARDS/ STARTED THAT WEDDING DIET/ BOOKED THAT WAX SESSION I SAID I WOULD (etc etc). However, in another way  (after a wonderful day with all your best mates) you suddenly realise: the next time I’ll see everyone is at the wedding….bring it on, yo!

My hen do rocked. I can’t wait for my wedding. Thanks to my squad for organising…you amazing.

Happy Monday, yo! Let’s hope this week is better than the last…

Jojo x

Yes - DTE bride on her own

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