I think there must be a STAG BIBLE somewhere, which all men are privy to, probably written by the LAD Bible people, listing the TOP 10 THINGS YOU MUST DO TO A STAG. Activities must include all-day drinking, perhaps some paint-balling, clay-pigeon shooting or other testosterone-filled activities, and most certainly dirty pints.

I’m not going to lie, I’m glad Mr DTE’s stag weekends (yes that is plural, the man had three, yes THREE) are over. I genuinely worried that he would come back disfigured…or perhaps get lost in Berlin and never return home. I am pretty sure Mr DTE did not worry like this whilst I was at my hen do.

Perhaps I am generalising slightly, but from the hen parties I’ve been to, the bride gets a lovely book of messages, people tell her how much they love her, it’s all happy happy and nice. At a stag ‘do it seems the best men and ushers seem to actually want to cause some slight pain to the ‘stag’, so that something horrendous happens to make a great best man speech.

Guinness and Bailey’s: WINNER

I felt like a bit of a loser but I really did fear for Mr DTE and envisaged some awful things happening, having seen the carnage he had been involved with for other ‘stags’. The second of his stag parties was a night out for all his mates who couldn’t make the other shindigs. At 10pm I got a phone call from his best man to say he was in an Uber home. (He got to the pub at 8pm). He was in bed by 10.30pm…the boys seemed quite proud of themselves. STAG! STAG! STAG! STAG!

His third and final stag do was in Berlin. His mates had done him proud, he had a belter, though he was not a fan of the outfits. I think he got off lightly compared to others though…I half cringe and half feel sorry for guys I see dressed as a cowgirl, or wearing a mankini. Poor dudes…the only way out of that probably is to drink through it. It’s not pretty. STAG STAG STAG STAG!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I got pretty smashed at my hen do, but it didn’t involve dirty pints and being in bed by 10.30pm. More to come on that later this week…I’m still trying to get over my hangover for now.

I think my Dad might have got it right through when he just went to a pub round the corner with all his mates a few days before the wedding. Berlin it was not, but at least there wasn’t a lederhosen nor mankini in sight.

Peace out, bridelings. Hope you’ve been enjoying all of the sunshine!

Jojo x

Yes - DTE bride on her own

Stay tuned this week for my hen do stories…cluck cluck 

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