The Top 10 Wedding Tips from REAL LIFE down-to-earth brides

With about 6 weeks to go until Mr DTE and I tie the knot, I am a mixed ball of: 1) freaking out 2) being an excitable puppy and 3) just wanting to be married already. AGH. So I have decided to do what I always do when in need of inspiration and solid advice; turn to my squad of pals for wise words.  

The squad: my loving gaggle of friends who would fight battles on my behalf, but also tell me when I’m being a complete tool and need to wind my neck in. In short, I heart my squad and so thought it would be good to share their advice on how to keep it real on the BIG day. 

I have compiled the best bits into  list. Oh how I love a list, particularly a numbered one, so here goes:

Top 10 tips on how to be a ‘down-to-earth bride’ 

1. Top Tip Numbers 1, 2 and 3: Emily (married in 2013 ) lives with husband Henry and baby Frank in South London:

For 10 minutes at our reception we scurried off together to climb to a hidden balcony at our venue. From up there we watched all of our friends and family walk into dinner; chatting, laughing and taking their seats. It was like spying on all our favourite people and we both said how lucky we were to be surrounded by so many good eggs. We both gulped a glass of champers up on that balcony too, our first ‘cheers’ together as a Mr and Mrs.

Plan some time out for the two of you to take in what you’ve just done. Otherwise the whole day will just disappear in an instant.

Keep the honeymoon a surprise! I didn’t know where we were going until I got on the plane. The hubbie had taken on that piece of organising. Having a surprise like that to look forward to after the big day helps to keep the excitement and momentum going! 

Marry your best mate. It really is that simple.

Top Tip Numbers 4, 5 and 6: Sophie (married in 2014) lives with husband John and little bump in South London:

Chill the hell out. You’ve got all the time in the world… there’s no need to rush anything.

Weddings, really naturally, become a reflection of the couple getting married. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Don’t spend thousands of pounds on flowers and things that people take no notice of – people mostly ‘judge’ weddings on how much fun they had and how relaxed it was.


Sophie and John say CHILL OUT

Don’t cram too much in for the honeymoon. We did a lot of travelling on ours which was amazing as we got to see loads of places, but it was quite a full-on trip. I’m not really into lying on the beach for two weeks, but on reflection, I can see the appeal of totally switching off and just worrying about yourself and your other half. New York though… need I say more!

Top Tip Numbers 7 and 8: Anna (married in 2010) lives in Leicester with husband Will and baby Jacob:

The feeling of being together and of being wholly committed to one another is a pleasurable feeling, giving security to pledge yourself for life to the person you love – it makes you very vulnerable in one sense (what would you ever do without each other??) but that’s just the downside to the way more weighty upside of feeling so solid (not a sexy word, I know, but that’s the best I can come up with).

Don’t sweat the little things, people remember weddings for the overall feeling of the day and the couple’s vibe so don’t put too much effort into all the stuff you’re only doing because you think you should. 

Top Tip Number 9: Katie (married in 2009) lives in East London with husband Chris and baby Luca:

Go BIG for the honeymoon. You won’t regret it. Having said that, don’t get into debt. Debt is not good.

FACT: Katie is the Down-to-earth Sister…yessir

Top Tip Number 10: Miranda (married in 2012) lives in South London with husband Stephen and cat Kizzy:

This is your day – make it about you and ignore people who think it should be done a certain way. We didn’t have a cake as it wasn’t important to us, but we did want a giant paella!

Enjoy the bank holiday bridelings! THREE DAYS OFF WORK…sweet dreams are made of these.
Jojo x

Yes - DTE bride on her own

Part deux of top tips and worldly advice from my down-to-earth crew coming next week, including ‘are there any down sides to being married’??

Are YOU a down-to-earth bride?? Or know someone who has been? I’m looking for some stories, tips, pics and more from top kick-ass brides who can educate us about their cool-ass ways. of you know of anyone, drop me an email or contact me, letting me know a little more about yourselves…I cannae wait to hear from youuuuu!

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