Behold: The Wedding ‘Meeting’

Wedding blog diaries: The other night, Mr DTE and I had a wedding planning ‘meeting’ with the parentals.  I think project meetings for the Olympics have been more straight forward. Yet, perhaps less productive: Seating plan? POW. Timings? POW. Music? POW. Action plan? POW. 

We were like a family of ninjas. KAPOW. Turns out, when I want something to finish, I am ever so decisive.

Mr DTE, on the other hand, is still recovering. After a busy period at work, I’ve been mildly concerned it may have slipped his mind we are getting married quite soon:
I know how much you love organising it, so I’m going to let you go ahead
That old chestnut.

I think I might have even forgotten to tell him that my parents were coming round to ‘get shit done’. Oops? Anyway, this is our first ‘meeting’ about wedding stuff. Perhaps ‘meeting’ is a little extreme as a name for our ‘dinner and chat’. There were no minutes taken, no agenda, just ‘let’s discuss everything that needs to be done’. Sure.

I think my parents might have been worrying that I’m not doing anything at all, that they’ll rock up on the day and I’ll be there in my fat pants and top knot, G&T in hand, telling them I’m awfully sorry but I slept in. I think this is pretty justified at the moment. So I wanted to wow them with my wonderfulness, overwhelm them with my kick-ass planning skillz, show them that I had not forgotten everything about being an event manager and that I was, in fact, the most prepared bride ever. EVER.

I’m not sure I succeeded there to be honest. I did get incredibly defensive whenever anyone questioned ANYTHING about our order of service (which took me about 20 million hours to do), then started to agree to things willy-nilly just because I think I wanted to wrap things up and go to bed. I was verging into bridezilla territory, I started to freak out. I was becoming that person I didn’t want to be again. I had to stop, take a minute and think of my man LL Cool J and his wise words:

 LL, always there in my hour of need.

So, in short, I am not sure it was my finest hour. Yet hopefully I redeemed myself in the end. We left with everyone still talking and since ‘the meeting’, I have since spent a lot of time ‘getting shit done’ and turns out I feel good. I’ve also been looking at my Pinterest pep-talk board an awful lot for motivation and also been doing the Cool Runnings chant, to get me in the mood for some bad-ass wedding planning productivity:

Turns out that, after weeks of procrastination and doing ‘other important things’, there’s nothing like a ‘meeting’ with your mother to give you a loving, yet firm, nudge in the right direction. Mum, if you’re reading, soz. Love you, and thanks for giving me a kick up the backside.

And they lived happily ever….oh wait, not over yet! 7 weeks to go! GULP!

Have a good night dearest ones! I see pride, I see power…
Jojo x

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