Camping + weddings = ?

Maths is not my strong point, but my instinctive reaction to the above equation is = NOPE. I’ve really tried with camping over the years, but it’s normally just not my bag. That’s until this weekend… when I tried glamping. Turns out glamping in Wales is be MEGA romantic and uber fun. Who knew??

So Mr DTE and I have just got back from a whole weekend of wedding-ing, in the rolling hills of West Wales for one of my most awesome, lovely and creative friends. We were there for the whole weekend, glamping away, with lots of chilled-out activities to keep us going. It was SUCH a relaxed wedding, reflecting the attitude of the happy couple. I must say, I didn’t think I’d be much into the camping side of things. However, it may have rained, it may have been cold, but it was  bloody amazing! Just about the most lovely and refreshingly unique wedding.

My friends might live in London but they’re proper outdoor types, adventurous and love travelling whenever they can. It’s pretty cool that they managed to find a wedding location and venue that fits their characteristics so well. They didn’t sell out and go for something nearby and easy, they persevered and found somewhere that suited them and made them feel relaxed. They formed their own traditions,  and obviously felt at home there as they just beamed from ear to ear the whole day. That feeling is pretty special and infectious, right?

If I could put my finger on the one thing that made the wedding so special then I’d probably bottle it up and join the multi-million pound wedding industry to make some moola…Shame it doesn’t work like that. As a guest, it’s just a combination of lots of things isn’t it really, but I’d say if you can tell that the couple themselves are mega relaxed, then you’re onto a good thing from the start. Camping isn’t my thing, but my friends made it so accessible and fun for everyone that it was pretty difficult not to absolutely love it.


Disclaimer: this photo is not in Wales. Soz.

Top things I enjoyed about the best glamping wedding ever:

  • My friends were able to show their guests just a little bit about why they love to take themselves off camping and just get out of the big smoke.  It was all about the importance of spending time together in an environment they loved.
  • People didn’t care too much about how they looked or what they wore. Dry shampoo was my friend this weekend; a bond I feel will never be broken.
  • All the guests were there from the night before, so it makes the day of the wedding even more relaxed. All you’ve gotta do is get yourself up, showered and just walk across a field. Pretty easy.
  • I wore my trainers under my dress for most of the day and no-one cared. Winning.
  • We made fire, like an actual fire. We are basically Bear Grylls.
  • I didn’t have phone signal the whole weekend, and it felt GOOD.
  • Thanks to the above, guests didn’t spend the day putting pics up on social media as there was no signal for miles around.
  • That boho wedding vibe we’ve all been crazily pinning on Pinterest for months is finally relevant.

I never thought I’d find myself saying this but I hope you all have a glamping wedding to go to soon. It’s not only fun but sooooo refreshing to go to a wedding that is different and has some character about the couple tying the knot, even if it’s a chilly one.

Mr DTE and I got home to have a bloody good shower, a chilled evening, warm toes and a sudden realisation with a sharp intake of breath that the next wedding we will be at is our own. OHMYGAD.

Hope you had a nice long LONG weekend loved ones. Four-day week let’s do thiiiiis x

For more information on glamping weddings away in Wales, ch-ch-check out Fforest (this is not a typo, it’s Fforest with two Fs, think Wales)

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