Wedmare diaries: Princess Leia hair and runaway Dads

I know I’ve posted about my wedmares before, but they have got really bad recently, bridelings. I fear I’m edging on the wrong side of neurotic bride territory with them. HELP!

In the past two weeks I’ve had about 6 or 7 really memorable shockers, making me pretty happy to have woken up out of my sleep. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. All of the wedmares have been about me not having enough time to get ready, or something going wrong – same old same old. In one of them I missed my hair appointment, and in her wisdom my darling sister decided to put my hair up in some DIY Princess Leia buns. They did NOT look good.

I’m sure Freud would have had a field day with whatever neurotic patterns are stemming from my weird dreams. In another one I arrived at the church with my dad and he decided to sprint down the aisle, leaving me to walk on my own as I was ‘too slow’.  I love my Dad a lot (A LOT), but Usain Bolt he ain’t. No idea where that dream came from. In another recent wedmare, my boobs popped out of my dress. After telling my mum, her reaction was:

Of all the things you could be worrying about darling, I don’t think that’s one of them. 

How dare she! To be fair though I was that kid at school that all the boys wrote ‘55378008’ on their calculators for, pointing and teasing me whilst shouting ‘boobless’. Sob sob….but I think my mum has a point. It’s doubtful any boobs will be flying out of anywhere. At least not from me.

We may think we’re the most chilled ones in the room, but our dreams will show us otherwise I guess.  It’s weird to say this but I was pretty smug when Mr DTE had a wedmare last week too. Glad to see I’m not the only one around here. HA!

A few wedmares is hardly the end of the world though innit….quite funny really to wake up and see what kind of messed up story our subconscious has decided to come up with during our sleep. Am I alone with this? Do you lot ever wake up with weird thoughts too?? Talk to me, bridelings…

In the meantime: Haaaaaaappy Monday to you all, beautiful ones. Alternative first dance tune below  (HA). Turn this up loud and have a bloody good Monday yo!

Jojo x

We’ve all had that bridezilla friend, let’s not become her

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I'm a 32 year-old newlywed bride, living in London. I recently got married (July 2016) and am here to spread wedding joy and worldly wedding advice to fellow bridelings who don't want their weddings to take over their lives. Let's laugh (nervously) in the face of bonkers wedding planning!

One thought on “Wedmare diaries: Princess Leia hair and runaway Dads

  1. Ha I had a few of these – mainly around still being in my PJs setting up the venue as guests arrived! I took it as working through all the worst case scenarios sub-consciously so there was no chance of them happening in real life. It’s basically your brain saying ‘plan enough time’ or ‘be clear on how you want your hair’ or ‘keep your boobs in check’. Believe me, I’ve never had that worry either!! x

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