Planning the sh!t out of my wedding, courtesy of Mother Pukka

Do the brides in those wedding magazines actually exist? Probably just as much as those mothers in the ideal life magazines exist? As brides-to-be, most of us are bumbling our way through this wedding malarkey, trying to glide along like swans but in reality probably rocking it like a duck.

Just as we celebrate this and all fellow #realbrides out there, Mother Pukka is a kick-ass grounded mother who celebrates the honesty behind parenting, weetabix-in-hair and all, for ‘people who happen to be parents’. After watching just one of her vlogs, I was hooked, and I’m not even a mother. But as someone who hopes to be a mother one day, for me Mother Pukka makes parenting seem far less scary by telling it how it is, rather than giving an all-glossy-ideal-homes-type-view of motherhood. 

I’ve been lucky enough to quiz Mother Pukka herself, Anna Whitehouse, for Down-to-earth Brides. JACKPOT. I asked Mother Pukka to reflect on her wedding day, to see if she had any pearls of wisdom to share with us and to help us to celebrate being ducks. Mother Pukka, you are amazing and we love thee. You are most certainly #parentingtheshitoutoflife

When Down-to-earth Bride met Mother Pukka:

Jojo: When you got hitched, would you have described yourself as a ‘down-to-earth’ bride?

Mother Pukka: Right up until the last month when I realised I had done nothing and got overwhelmed with the importance of favours/ doilies/ why things weren’t edging towards ‘Wedding’ Magazine territory.

: As a kick-ass mother, have you seen a correlation among friends who were a down-to-earth bride and those who are now very down-to-earth mums, weetabix-in-hair and all? 

Mother Pukka: No, not really. I think however chilled out you are, there’s always a moment of all-out panic. I refer back to ‘Wedding’ Magazine – terrifying when you have one month to go and it seems the guests will be drinking from a shoe.

What are your thoughts on finding ‘the one perfect wedding dress’? 

Mother Pukka: Mine was from this dodgy Lebanese shop in Haarlem, The Netherlands. It was hidden among a rainbow spectrum of sequin-embellished numbers and cost 700 Euros. I just knew she was a keeper because there was none of that ‘boning’. I was also with my best mate, who was trying on some of the more extravagantly-coloured frocks – we had some laughs; that dress made memories before the big day.

I have decided to give a speech on my wedding day. GULP. Do you have any advice when grabbing the mic? 

Mother Pukka: I think short and sweet wins the day. No notes, no head down; just some honest chat about your life lobster. People aren’t expecting perfection and they’re rooting for you (thanks to the free booze) so you can’t go wrong.

Please list in order of enjoyment for you and Papa Pukka when you tied the knot: wedding menu tasting, wedding, honeymoon

Mother Pukka:     1. Honeymoon        2. Wedding       3. Menu tasting

Did you experience any ‘post-wedding blues’ that we all hear about, or is it actually just nice to be married? 

Mother Pukka: I got post-honeymoon blues but not post-wedding – was kind of glad it was over. I loved the day but I prefer going to other people’s weddings – you get to wear a posh frock and just chill out with your favourite folk instead of being on a pedestal.

Mother Pukka 2
Pukka bride, pukka friends and a non-boning dress: Winning

Jojo: What do you find is the biggest difference to a relationship between being engaged and being married?  

Mother Pukka: Nothing has changed. My husband still puts his socks bundled up together into the washing machine. These soggy little sock balls emerge every wash and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Looking back, what advice would you give your Pukka Bride-to-be self? 

Mother Pukka: Don’t worry about what other people will think. Go your own way. If you want Skeletor as your centre-piece, go for your life. If you want a shabby community hall with Spice Girls 2-become-1 as your first dance, do it. People are so over cardboard-cutout weddings that cost a bomb. Just show folk what brought you together.

What would be your top alternative first dance wedding track? What do you think is the soundtrack of your life as a newlywed compared to your soundtrack now as Mother Pukka? 

Mother Pukka: I think some 90s hip hop like A wolf in sheep’s clothing by Black Sheep. Just something unexpected. I think that’s a tune that works now, too.

Can you summarise your wedding day in 2 words? 

Mother Pukka: Dehydrated. Exultated.

What is your top top honeymoon destination? 

Mother Pukka: England. Honest-to-god. Just love ole Blighty and having to worry about all the travel is a bonus. I’d go for a full week bundled up in a posh manor somewhere that’s got more grass than concrete.

Can you share any pearls of wisdom for those who want to say nope to traditions and #GoModern?

Mother Pukka: Just do it.

Did you ever feel any crazy pressures such as wedding diets, keeping up with the traditions etc? 

Mother Pukka: I did a mad thing called the Cambridge Diet where you live off soup for a bit. That was a bit bonkers and possibly not very healthy. Probably wouldn’t do that again. I say probably… Always up for a miracle weight loss plan.

I have a thing about chair covers and wedding favours: not a fan of either. What was your biggest wedding whinge? 

Mother Pukka: It was so long ago I can’t remember. It was probably all the wedding magazines about making me feel like everything I was doing was a bit Tesco Value.

Phew bridelings…feeling slightly more relieved?? Thank God we’re not the only ones doing a Tesco Value wedding with our life lobsters. Thank you Mother Pukka!!!!

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