Unforgettable music

Mr DTE and I have had more discussions about the music for our wedding than many other (arguably more important) elements. Oops. I wish we’d have researched this amazing drummer though. There are no words…..apart from LEGEND:

>>Fast forward to 1:15

What a dude. You feel that music. Nice to see someone who clearly LOVES his job. It would be pretty crap to have a band who look miserable and don’t want to be there. This guy though – clearly wakes up every day and jumps for those drumsticks. He would make your wedding a zillion times more amazing.

Currently Mr DTE and I are compiling our list of favourite toons to be played on Spotify. OMG the fun, but also the disagreement. It’s both the most fun, and dreaded, conversation topic in our house at the moment.

My list includes more sentimental tunes – ones that mean a lot to us, ones that remind us of gigs we went to once upon a time. His list, however, consists more of…The Prodigy.

Let’s hope we can find a happy medium. I still think we should get this guy in. Just on his own – who needs accompaniment when you have this?? LOVE HIM.

Peace out bridelings… Happy music making x

What music are you having?? First dance = Love Shack yaa? See here for my list of alternative ‘First dance’ toons.

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I'm a 32 year-old newlywed bride, living in London. I recently got married (July 2016) and am here to spread wedding joy and worldly wedding advice to fellow bridelings who don't want their weddings to take over their lives. Let's laugh (nervously) in the face of bonkers wedding planning!

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