We’ve all had that bridezilla friend, let’s not become her

How does a bride become a bridezilla? Are they always a bridezilla, or do they become one at certain times? Are they the sort of person from whom you’d predict bridezilla behaviour? Are they aware they’re bloody annoying? Why the hell do grown women throw their toys out of their prams and become psychotic brides??

Ugh, bridezillas. They give brides a bad name. Boo them! We’ve all had that colleague, or friend, or relative, who does nothing but talk about their wedding. Bor-ing! The main thing I find so annoying is that they moan about it all. Get over yourself, you’re getting married. This is a happy time! I know it can be stressful at times but I really am enjoying planning my wedding. Agh I’m sorry, don’t mean to sound like a smug sickly person getting married, it’s just because honestly I think we’re not overcomplicating things.

Just in case you need a reminder, here are some characteristics of a bridezilla: 

  1. Talking about your wedding ALL the time, to anyone who listens, and even those who don’t listen but just can’t be bothered to talk back.
  2. Getting stressed about your wedding, with anyone who will listen. Yes we’ve all had stressful moments, but we know we’re not the first people to have had them. Get over it and pipe down.
  3. Talking about the colour of your flowers, or the thickness of card for your invitations, with anyone but the stationery supplier and your fiancée. No-one cares. No really…no-one cares.
  4. Ever uttering the words ‘but it’s my special day, I just want it to be absolutely perfect.’
  5. Losing sight of the bigger picture. Wedding days are soo soo special, but it’s the first day of a (hopefully) beautiful and long marriage, ya?
  6. Well I could go on, but you get the gist…
Yes - DTE bride on her own
Be like Miss Down-to-Earth Bride: Summarise, take a break, keep grounded.

How to avoid being a bridezilla:

  1. Summarise: When people ask ‘how is the wedding planning going?‘, what they really mean is: ‘I feel I have to ask about your wedding but I really don’t want to be here for an hour hearing about your wedding favours.‘ The perfect answer is: ‘Fine! Thanks for asking.‘ Then go home and talk to your cat for hours about how many canapés you’re going to have.
  2. Take a break and have a drink: If I ever get slightly stressed about anything then I just take a break from all the wedding stuff for a night or two. And generally drink a G&T. Instant relaxation. Who says avoiding things doesn’t work? It’s a G&T miracle. (Tips on taking time for yourself here) Just make sure you go back to it after a day or two. I’m talking a short break, not a sabbatical.
  3. Keep grounded: If your brides’ crew start suggesting outrageously-priced things for your hen do, it might be good to think about all your brides’ crew and how they might feel. If you’re all loaded then wonderful. Go forth and head to the Bahamas. If not then it might be time to ask someone to grab your feet and pull them back down to earth.

Let’s face it – we’re not the first people to get married, we won’t be the last. Our weddings will fo sho stand out, because we’re working hard to make them original and reflect who we are. And if we remain cool, calm and collected then they’ll stand out even more.

Bye bye bridezillas. Peace out grounded bridelings  x

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I'm a 32 year-old newlywed bride, living in London. I recently got married (July 2016) and am here to spread wedding joy and worldly wedding advice to fellow bridelings who don't want their weddings to take over their lives. Let's laugh (nervously) in the face of bonkers wedding planning!

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